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Black Dog Productions is proud to offer a full summer of exciting themed Performing Arts camps for kids entering grades 2-8*! Each week we'll rehearse a script, design costumes, sets, and props, and perform a show on Friday at 2:30 for parents and siblings. Come for one week or all summer! Space is limited to 20 campers per week. 

Our camp days will include rehearsals, creative labs, acting exercises, and improv games. We will also enjoy fun camp activities like arts & crafts, karaoke, and talent shows. This camp is ideal for budding performers or those with experience who want to improve their craft over the summer. 


Campers will enjoy a pizza party on Friday and will perform their play on Friday at 2:30 for parents and siblings. 


We ask for a $60 non-refundable deposit at time of registration and the balance is due one week before camp begins.   



9am - 3pm

$275 per week • 10% discount for siblings

Price includes Friday pizza party and a camp tee shirt

*As there is a wide variation in age for homeschooled and alternatively schooled campers, we ask that campers be at least seven years of age and early readers in order to get the most out of our program. 


Exploring Bak Middle School of the Arts
(Communication Arts & Theater) 

Campers Entering Grades 4 -7   |   JUNE 10-14


Interested in learning more about Bak Middle School of the Arts? Bak is a unique public middle school in Palm Beach County that offers a great academic education as well as emphasis in several art areas. The audition process is competitive, and Black Dog offers prep classes for students who are interested in attending. Our special Bak Exploration camp introduces campers to the audition process, as well as what student life is like. Bak graduates will present Q&As and share their first-hand experiences with campers. We will also feature Bak-like activities such as producing a morning news show and exploring the four areas of theater (musical theater, acting, costuming, and technical theater). Our Bak expert and Coach, Mark Fetterly, has been preparing students for entrance to Bak for over 20 years and will lead a two-hour audition prep each day. Parents will also receive information on the audition process so you're well prepared! (Please note our Bak MSOA Prep Camp is reserved for rising 4th through 7th graders.)


Campers Entering Grades 2-8   |   JUNE 17-21


If Indiana Jones, Aladdin, Jurassic Park, or the epic adventures of Percy Jackson are your thing, come on High Adventure week with us! We’ll travel through time as we explore stories rich in imagination and exploration. Campers will create characters deep in character and backstory as we rehearse a play of danger and heroism, bravery and surprise. This is the week for anyone who enjoys high-stakes storytelling and over-the-top characters. Come ready to go on adventures and fight monsters! (There will be no actual snakes, spiders, or dinosaurs at this week of camp, so bring your imagination as well.)


Campers Entering Grades 2-8   |   JUNE 24-28


To camp or not to camp? That is the question! When you hear the name Shakespeare, you may think of a literary giant and master of the English language. The truth is, in his time he was a wildly popular entertainer who made up his own words and was sneered at by scholars. This camp will introduce kids to the most popular playwright of all time through humor and modern language. We will explore several of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, making them fun and age appropriate. Campers will learn a little about the Bard as we engage in Shakespeare games and activities, learn how to hurl Shakespearean insults (You lumpish, dizzy-eyed minnow!), and rehearse a showcase of epic proportions for our Friday performance. 

Campers Entering Grades 2-8   |   JULY 8-12


Whose Camp is it Anyway?! If you have a kid that loves to create characters, use silly voices, or has a great imagination, this is the week for them! Improvisation is theater in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted, created spontaneously by the performers. This art form encourages teamwork, creativity, and confidence. We’ll go well beyond the standard favorite improv games like Annoying Bench and explore whole new worlds of improv! While we won’t present a scripted show on Friday, campers will prepare a show-stopping showcase of improv games that will include audience participation and lots of laughs for everyone.


Campers Entering Grades 2-8   |   JULY 15-19


Do you have a camper who dreams of starring on Broadway someday? Check out our "On Broadway" week as we explore some of the most famous Broadway musicals of all time. They're going to want to be in the 'room where it happens' as we put together a musical showcase featuring our campers' favorite Broadway tunes. We'll enjoy karaoke, choreography, and plenty of razzle dazzle this week on the Great White Way (in Wellington). This Friday's showcase will be one you don't want to miss! Prior musical theater experience is not necessary for participation in this camp. 


Campers Entering Grades 2-8   |   JULY 22-26


What if Rapunzel shaved her head? What if the Big, Bad, Wolf was neither big nor bad? What if the Three Little Pigs started a rock band instead of building houses? Take a fairy tale, change the plot, characters, setting, and other story elements…and you have a fractured fairy tale! In this week of camp we’ll explore the world of classic fairy tales and turn them upside down. Campers will help craft the stories that we’ll turn into our showcase on Friday, creating new storylines, costumes, props, and everything we need to put on a magical performance.


Campers Entering Grades 2-8   |   JULY 29-AUG 2


This summer, we’re turning up “In the Biz” week a notch! We’re going to dive into the worlds of Willy Wonka and The Candymakers as we create our own Black Dog Candy Store! In addition to putting on a theatrical performance, campers will role play what it takes to run a business, from creating their own business concept to designing their own logos. We'll develop products and create commercials to "sell" to each other when we open our Candy Store on Thursday. As we rehearse our Friday showcase, kids will learn public speaking skills and how to project confidence in front of their peers. (Please note that while some of the products we create this week will be imaginary, there will be actual candy making and eating involved. If allergies or sugar consumption are a concern, this probably isn’t the best week for your camper to attend.)

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